Owner and president of Cross Photonics, Evan has made a name for himself in miro-technology. As much as he focuses on his company, however, he’s also been using his talents for something a little more risky. After the death of his wife six years ago when a dinosaur came out of an anomaly, he’s been rather devastated over it, and rightfully so. Since then Evan has devoted an enormous amount of time, money, and effort into researching them and handling anomalies, intent on making sure no one has to go through what he did. He’s put together a group of experts for the job, and they work in a lab called the “Tank” to do their research. Evan is a very intelligent man, and he has 100% dedication to the job. Perhaps sometimes overly so, putting the job over his safety, but he’s always the one to make logical decisions and keep a level head. Unfortunately, anomaly work is dangerous, and the team lost their animal expert, Tony Drake. Losing another person he cared about to creatures coming out of the anomalies isn’t easy for Evan, but if anything, it has made him even more determined to keep up with the job. So with the help of his good friend Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Ange Finch, and now Dylan Weir joining the team, Evan is doing just that. 

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